BSc Optometry Course And Career Opportunities

B.Sc. in Optometry is a branch of medicine which deals with visual systems. Bachelor of Science in Optometry deals with vision which involves examining, diagnosing, managing and treating diseases of the eyes. Bachelor of Science in Optometry is a branch of medicine dealing with eye equipment which includes spectacles and contact lenses.

B.Sc Optometry: What is the course is all about?

BSc Optometry is a branch of medicine which helps optometrists to treat patients to improve their sight. Eye clinics, Optician showrooms, Contact lens & ophthalmic lens industry, Health consultancies, Hospital eye departments, Lens manufacturing units, Multinational companies dealing with eye care products, Eye research centers,
Ophthalmologists in hospitals or clinics, overseas opportunities etc.. An optometrist has to examine the patient for any signs of the diseases that might need medical attention. An Optometrists can treat patients for binocular vision, low vision and also for dyslexia.cs and hospitals.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

Students wanting to pursue BSc (Optometry) need to finish 10+2 in science with, Chemistry, Physics, Biology /Mathematics and pass in English. They can join any of the top BSc Optometry Colleges in Bangalore. The length of the course is 4 years. The training given to students will help in building up their conceptual as well as analytical skills. An Bsc Optometry graduate will also get technical knowledge to work in the eye care sector.

The 4 year course provides the aspirants with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills to become a professional optometrist. The profession involves much more than prescribing spectacles or contact lenses.

The first year of BSc Optometry course includes basic biochemistry and diet, Overall & Visual, Composition & Anatomy, Computer programming, bodily & Symmetrical Optics besides English and mathematics. In the second year the students are taught Optometry & Visual Optics, Microbiology, Pathology & Pharmacology, Optometry instruments, Clinics, CEVS & Ophthalmic Diseases, Medical Psychology besides communications and public relations.

In the third year of Bachelor of Science in Optometry includes Diminished Vision Aids & contact lens for Aged Optometry, Paediatric Optometry, Problematic vision & Improvements in Optometry Development, Systemic Diseases & Glaucoma, Hospitals & Specialties, Dispensing Optometry & Occupational Optometry, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Practice Management, Public Health, and Law & Optometry. The fourth year is internship.

Career opportunity after B.Sc Optometry course

An optometrist can test the eyes for visual acuity and prescribes lenses for correction. They professionally handle eye testing equipment to check people’s vision and are capable of fabricating lenses when required and fitting them besides they also handle other aids for low vision for individual needs. Optometrists can help prevent blindness in people as they deal with refraction, eyewear, fitting of contact lenses, dealing with low vision and evaluating and referring to ophthalmology.

After qualifying from top BSc Optometry Colleges in Bangalore, optometrists can work in optician’s outlets, eye hospitals and clinics or with multinational companies dealing with vision care. They can also specialize in vision disorders like color blindness, squint and infractive errors in case of presbyopia. One, Optometrists gain experience in private clinics and lens manufacturers they can start their own practice. It is known to be one of the top 10 income earning health care professions of recent times.

Career: Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced After B.Sc Optometry

An optometrist is a health care provider and a medical professional who provides regular vision care besides eyeglasses and contacts. The internal and external structure of the eye is also examined by an Optometrists. An optometrist can be a professor, private practitioner, vision consultant, trainee optometrist, and customer care associate and optometry researcher.

The initial salary for a fresher in optometry ranges from 20,000 – Rs 40,000 for a month while an ophthalmologist salary depending on his place of employment and skills is about Rs 9 – 10 lacs in a year.