Mr. Sreeraj Kovileri Sreedharan

Principal, Christian Institute of Management


“I am really delighted to welcome the students to the portals of Christian Institute of Management.

Empowerment of students for their all round development through education” is our cherished motto. In the present world education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is acquisition of knowledge and skill, building character and improving employability of our young talent, the future leadership. Hence, the institution is committed to provide quality service, practical as well as industrial-oriented training with holistic approach.

I am proud of being the Principal of this beautiful of higher education dedicated to the development of student community around the world. March on, let’s give our best and make this institution a modern temple of learning through our diligence, devotion and dedication.”

Mrs. Blossom Maria Manue

Principal, Christian College of Nursing


“I have the pleasure to welcome you to our Christian College of Nursing at the commencement of a new session. The assurance of student quality comes from a high-end teaching program, delivered by well qualified and dedicated teachers who take the onus to instill not just the knowledge but also the right attitude and skills in the students so that their education is holistic and relevant to the globalized content optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, service compassion, tolerance, hope and faithfulness are the underpinnings of our college education.

In order to meet the technological and globalized demands of the society, we have left no stone unturned in the training process of our students and educators. Moreover discipline which is a non negotiable factor of a student’s time management and punctuality.

The motto of our college “I will and I can” is truly inspiring to our students, it encourages them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals, or else seems impossible.We shall value your presence in Christian College.”







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