Employers have been currently experiencing a skill shortage of finance as well as accounting specialists, as per a latest study. This means that graduates with specifically a commerce degree have excellent job prospects.

A B.Com degree is intended to provide students with managerial skills in business-related disciplines like marketing, financial management, accounting, as well as advertising, among many others. By concentrating on core subjects like statistics, accounting, law, economic history, financial management, marketing, and perhaps cooperative education, the degree is designed to provide competence throughout business principles and organisational behaviour.

The Advantages of a Commerce Degree

This is actually a degree which gives students expert knowledge in various fields of business organization as well as management. Most of the universities have a curriculum for this programme that discusses rapidly changing surroundings inside the business world in terms of innovation, global focus, as well as market relevance. Here are some major benefits of this degree programme:

  • A BCom degree will prepare you to excel in both self-employment as well as corporate employment.

  • You could indeed start as well as run your own venture¬†without having to pay for professional services like accountants or sales consultants.

  • There are numerous employment opportunities for owners of this degree because every company or perhaps business requires a good Manager, financial services specialist, or particularly an accountant. In this sector, there would never actually be a shortage of employment opportunities.

BCom in Christian college is a three-year undergraduate programme which focuses on commerce, economics, corporate law, accounting, taxation, as well as finance.