How to Always Have a Positive Impact on Nature

world environment day

When you think of a positive impact on nature, you probably think of things like planting trees, cleaning up your neighbourhood or reducing your carbon footprint. While these are all excellent ways to make the world a greener place, they’re not the only ways. To help you make a positive impact on nature in your everyday life, we’ve compiled some great World Environment Day tips. Read on to find out how you can have a positive impact on nature every day and help preserve our planet for future generations.

Go digital

While we can’t all be living off the grid, we can reduce our reliance on paper and printed materials where possible. Digital subscriptions to magazines, newspapers and books will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you money. Instead of printing off documents, try using an online word processor and scanner. You could even try using an online diary or planner instead of a paper version.

Plant a tree

If you have a patch of land or access to a park, you could consider planting a tree. Trees are not only a beautiful addition to your property, they also help to clean the air, reduce noise pollution and absorb water to prevent flooding and erosion. If you don’t have access to land, you can still plant a tree by supporting World Environment Day’s Trees for Tomorrow project. You can plant a tree in another part of the world by donating just $3 to sponsor one tree for 10 years.

Reduce food waste

You might not think of your food waste as having a significant impact on the environment, but it accounts for a whopping 20% of all green house gas emissions. That’s more than the entire transportation sector put together! To reduce food waste, you could consider repurposing uneaten produce into other dishes, like soups and stews. You could also try composting your food scraps in a backyard compost bin. If you have a worm compost bin, you can even use it to compost meat and fish waste.

Don’t use plastic

While plastic is obviously useful and has many positive applications, that doesn’t mean we should all be using it. Instead of using plastic, you could use alternative materials like glass or cardboard. If you have to use plastic, make sure you recycle it and try to reduce your use as much as possible.

Go green in your home

You can reduce your carbon footprint and go green in your home by switching to renewable energy and reducing your water usage. Many energy providers now offer renewable energy plans that are affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly. You could also consider reducing your water usage by installing a water-efficient shower and buying a water-efficient dishwasher. You could even try growing some of your own vegetables in a green house to reduce your food miles.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can have a positive impact on nature every day. Whether you choose to reduce your carbon footprint, go green in your home or plant a tree, you can make a difference. If everyone on the planet did just one thing to have a positive impact on nature, we could truly change the world. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make World Environment Day a day to remember!