Science is a multi-disciplined field with new disciplines and branches being added every year, due to the speed at which advancement of science and technology is happening worldwide.

BSc Optometry

BSc Optometry BSc Optometry Optometry is a healthcare profession concerned with the eyes and eye-related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in Humans.

BSc Renal Dialysis Technology

Renal Dialysis Technology is a focused field of Allied Health Science that deals with hemodialysis. Christian college offfers BSc Renal Dialysis course that includes human anatomy …

BSc Medical Imaging Technology

The BSc Medical Imaging Technology course provides ample scope for students to study the advanced imaging. The high quality medical images helps a medical specialist …


BSc Respiratory Care Technology

The BSc Respiratory Care Technology program trains the students to help the physicians and other healthcare professionals evaluate, diagnose, treat and care for patients with cardiopulmonary symptoms.

BSc Perfusion Technology

A major medical technological break-through during the last 50 years is the development of Heart-Lung Machine. It was devised to maintain the human body in living condition, even while the heart and lungs are not functioning.

BSc Cardiac Care Technology

Cardiac Care Technology measures how well a heart is functioning and can monitor the heart rate. Technicians here measure how well a patient’s heart is functioning.