Christian college in one of the Bangalore’s well known Top and Best college providing Management courses. We offer various courses/programs in the field of business and management that are popular Worldwide, for under graduate levels of study. Business and Management degrees range from broad and comprehensive to highly specialized programs, spanning subjects including Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Economics and Marketing Management. Each subjects provides further opportunities for specialization.

BBA (Regular)

Ever thought “what next after PUC“. This course is designed to develop skills to Manage and Administer Business entities effectively. Students will specialize in Finance, Marketing and Human resource management..

BBA Aviation Management

Aviation is by far, one of the fastest-growing industries in India and across the world. If you are wondering “what next after PUC“. This course/program equips students to take on Managerial/Administrative roles in the Airport or in the Aviation sector..

BBA (with Add-on IATA Certified Course)

I’m looking to add wings of colours, “what next after PUC“. It is a multi-disciplinary course involving management, air travel, airport management, safety, logistics, and retail. This programme offers regular BBA along with an add-on programme.

BCom (Regular)

If you are still deciding, “what next after PUC“. Here’s a golden opportunity for you. Christian college is one of Bangalore’s well-known Top and Best colleges providing B.Com course. This enables the students to develop managerial.

BCom Logistics

BCom Logistics is a 3- year undergraduate course essentially covering the concepts and processes related to domains involved in logistics- transportation, shipment, and others.

BCom with ACCA

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) with ACCA is a 3-year undergraduate course which is divided into 6 semesters.  This course provides students an option to get the additional qualification along with the B.Com degree.   

BCA (Regular)

Christian College is one of the Bangalore’s well known Top and Best college providing BCA course. “What next after PUC Science“, Bachelor of Computer Application is an exciting course to develop high levels of Professional competence..

BCA (Cloud Computing )

“What next after PUC science“. BCA is mainly about Operating systems, and other areas of information technology. BCA, as a course, seeks to bridge that gap between..

“What next after PUC science“. BCA  in Artificial Intelligence (AI) typically provides students with a solid foundation in both computer science and AI concepts.

BCA (with Add-on Programme Digital Marketing)

“What next after PUC science“. BCA in Digital Marketing teaches the knowledge about strategies to attract customers through various digital channels. It provides a comprehensive view..


BSc (Clinical Nutrition Dietetics)

This is an Undgergraduate programme coming under Home Science, which is scientifically planned interdisciplinary field of study with its mission to enrich the students. Thinking of “what next after PUC science“. Clinical Nutrition.