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Management Courses in Bangalore

Management course at undergraduate level which regardless of the specialization, will provide a student with conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of business like finance, economics, operations, marketing, accounting etc.

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Bachelor of Commerce


B Com: Specialized in Logistics (FIATA Certified)

Commerce serves to the distribution aspect of any business creating a market for the surplus products. It is a new way of modern life as it sets a new direction for students to lead their life in the best possible way helping students to have a thoughtful outlook on the outside world. Students who are more compatible for the commerce stream, are those who aspire to make a career in financial economics, having an affinity for numbers, analyzing numeric data, showing more interest in business and economy and willing to learn in-depth on subjects like, economics, accountancy, book-keeping, finance, business mathematics & law.

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Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA Course )


BBA: Specialized in Aviation Management (IATA Certified)

The Business study program creates efficiency to an individual as they develop a large scope of knowledge both in theory as well as practical, knowing how to creating positive output, which helps in pursuing occupations in a wide range of industries. The demand for business majors will always be high because there are an endless number of career opportunities available to individuals with a good business education. The study program is designed in a way that the students easily understand the foundations, principles and moral ethics of varies business models. It will also help students to be motivated, organized and build their personalities to thrive in a business, where the environments are often very competitive and high-powered.

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here is the best management college in bangalore. Check out the details
here is the best management college in bangalore. Check out the details

Bachelor of Computer Application ( BCA Course )


BCA: Specialized in Cloud Computing (Amazon Certified) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The BCA program will mainly focus on preparing students for roles pertaining to Computer Applications and IT industry. The program is a common degree for computer software /IT students and can counterpart the B.E/B.Tech in computer science & engineering. This study helps students prepare their career in the fields of computer applications and software development. This study program will help a student develop programming skills, networking skills and learn application packages, programming languages and modern techniques of Information technology. The Information Technology (IT) industry is one of the highest paid industries in India and around the world. The growth in the IT sector keeps growing as it seeks to bridge the gap between business and technology thus giving students better opportunity to secure a job.

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Management Studies

Bachelor Of Management Studies

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