Attention everyone! Have you ever heard of BSc Perfusion Technology? It’s an exciting field that plays a crucial role in healthcare.

Perfusionists are specialized healthcare professionals who are responsible for operating the heart-lung machine during open-heart surgery and other critical care procedures.

Their job is to ensure that the patient’s blood is properly oxygenated and circulated throughout the body while the heart is stopped for surgery. They work closely with the surgical team to monitor the patient’s vital signs and adjust the heart-lung machine as needed.

Without Perfusionists, it would be nearly impossible to perform complex surgeries such as heart transplants, lung transplants, and other life-saving procedures.

BSc Perfusion Technology is an essential program that teaches students how to become Perfusionists. It involves rigorous coursework and hands-on training in state-of-the-art simulation labs.

If you’re interested in a career in healthcare and enjoy working in a high-pressure environment, then BSc Perfusion Technology may be the perfect fit for you! It’s a challenging and rewarding career path that is in high demand.

Stay tuned for more updates about BSc Perfusion Technology and the amazing work that Perfusionists do to save lives and improve patient outcomes!